Our Product

Metcan Industrial specializes in manufacturing custom-blended synthetic slag which is used in the steel industry. We are proud of our product and are dedicated to ensuring that it meets the highest quality standards.  We have been in business since 1990 and our focus has always been and remains supplying the highest quality product at the most cost-effective price. Our customers value our expertise and team approach and ability to custom blend products to the exact specifications required.

Our manufacturing technology is the most advanced in the industry and it allows us to tailor our production for the optimal output for any requirement. Metcan prizes itself on having an order turn around time that is counted in minutes and hours, not days and weeks like our competitors. All of our facilities utilize the latest in automation and are sealed from the environment to prevent contamination. 


Metcan Industrial is a leader in the industry and has set the bar high for competitors who try to match on price or product alone. Our unique value added processes give us a distinct advantage which enables us to provide unmatched client satisfaction and ensure a long term relationship with each of our customers. We are always making improvements which further increase our leadership of the industry.

We offer complete slag analysis using EDX, XRF and ICP testing to ensure a manufacturing precision which is near pharmaceutical levels. Our annual production for each facility is 250 million pounds which is based on a single shift operation, our combined capacity is 2.2 Billion pounds. That equates to roughly 6000lbs per minute. Our strategic locations ensure uninterrupted supply across North America.

There are no "catalogue" chemistries available from Metcan. Each of our synthetic slag chemistries are engineered to our customers' specific requirements. Our formulations are based on either calcium aluminate, calcium fluoride, calcium silicate, or combination of two or more of these fluxes. The viscosity is controlled to achieve the correct fluidity to coat ladle refractory systems. While the basicity is designed to provide a medium to absorb non-metallic inclusions that are the result of steel de-oxidation and atmospheric contact. Metcan manufactures synthetic slag chemistries for steel grades having a final sulphur specification ranging from as low as  -10 ppm to as high as +2000 ppm.

The final result is an engineered slag that achieves all metallurgical requirements, improves refractory performance, provides low inclusion levels with improved castability. 

A product that is produced to near pharmaceutical accuracy, and most importantly, is cost effective.