• Metcan Industrial Incorporated

    This was the beginning of our company. 

  • First Manufacturing Plant - Edmonton, AB

    We opened our first synthetic slag manufacturing plant in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

  • Transferred Manufacturing to Selkirk, MB

    In order to streamline our processes and improve our product we moved our manufacturing plant to Selkirk, Manitoba.

  • Opened Purpose Built Plant in Selkirk

    As our company continued to grow we needed to increase our capacity and further streamline our processes. We opened our first purpose built plant in Selkirk, Manitoba.

  • On Site Laboratory Added

    In 2003 we made a commitment to our quality control and commissioned and constructed our first on site laboratory to test our products.

  • New Greenfield Plant Stoney Creek, ON

    From 2004-2005 we constructed our second purpose built plant in Stoney Creek, Ontario. This radically increased our capacity.

  • Commissioned Bulk Load Facility

    Due to increasing demand for our high quality products we commissioned and constructed a bulk loading facility to allow us to increase our output.

  • Purchased Bulk Trailers

    Our operations were continuing to expand and costs of delivery made it feasible for us to purchase our own bulk trailers for transporting our product to our clients.

  • Expanded Operations to US

    We are now entering the US market in response to demand for our product and expertise.