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Metcan Industrial

Metcan Industrial is a privately owned and operated international firm that produces cost-effective quality-driven synthetic slag. We were incorporated in May 1990 and have been serving the steel industry for more than 20 years. We currently operate three manufacturing facilities that have a combined manufacturing capacity of 2.2 billion pounds. 

Since our inception, Metcan has focused on manufacturing customized Synthetic Slag formulations specific to our customer’s requirements. Quality, Performance, Cost Effectiveness, and Service are the cornerstones Metcan has been built on, and are the reason for its continued growth.

At Metcan we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and superior quality. This means having the highest standards for testing and quality control which is monitored by our on-site labs. We utilize a Leco RC 612 carbon hydrogen determinator for combined moisture analysis and a Bruker Ranger S2 EBX for complete chemical analysis. All of our production equipment are completely sealed from the environment. All manufacturing is completely automated and our product is shipped in Metcan sealed containers. 

Our customer specific engineered formulations ensure the exact chemistry required. Our manufacturing precision is near pharmaceutical levels and cannot be matched in the industry. To ensure your product is exactly as requested we offer complete slag analysis (EDX, XRF, ICP) upon request.

25 years ago, I envisioned building a company that represents honesty, integrity, resourcefulness and hard work. Where the cornerstones are quality, performance, service and cost effectiveness, and where sustained growth is a result of a team effort that includes employees, suppliers, and customers alike.

Metcan is that company, and I am extremely proud of it!

I am equally excited for what the future holds.

Dean McCann, President
Metcan Industrial Corp.
Metcan USA

Dean McCann


Metcan is a company that represents honesty, integrity, resourcefulness and hard work.

Why Choose Us?

We have the most advanced synthetic slag manufacturing technology in the industry.
Here are some of the main reasons to choose us:

  • 3 production facilities to guarantee uninterrupted supply
  • Order turnaround counted in minutes not days.
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified.
  • 2000lbs/min production capacity per facility
  • PLC (Program Controlled Logic) raw material receiving.
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